Kokanee Glacier Tour

Kokanee Glacier Tour (out of Nelson) This 30 minute flight is a photographers dream tour. It takes you up Kokanee Creek, over Kokanee Lake through the divide then to the Slocan Chief Cabin, and up for a close view of the famous Kokanee Glacier. *Based on a minimum of 3 people

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valhalla mountain tour

Valhalla Mountain Tour

This spectacular scenic tour of 40 minutes takes you west over the Slocan Valley and right into the Vahalla Provincial Park. Let the pilot know if you want to meander serenely through these majestic mountains, or take a fearful, stomach-churning journey just above the treetops and down into the valleys.* *Based on a minimum of 3 people

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Custom Tours800

Custom Hours

Have you ever wanted to fly to a mountain peak with your own Heli? Book your custom tour today, we can fly you anywhere you want to go. Book a tour for an Anniversary, Birthday, or a Wedding, lets go for a flight!

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