Arial Films


  High Terrain Helicopters offer aerial cinematography specializing in difficult mountain terrain. Our clients include major international and Canadian film production companies. We have extensive experience in car commercials, TV commercials, movie of the week (MOW) TV productions as well as documentaries.

In the area of extreme sport movies we participated in the productions of The Art of Flight” and “That’s It, That’s All”. These two highly visual, “cult-like”, action pack snowboard movies were sponsored by Red Bull and produced by Brain Farm Production. High Terrain Helicopters were proud to do all their Canadian aerial work.  Other achievements include IMAX productions such as Wings of Courage, Extreme, T-Rex, as well as full length features: X-Men II, Alive, Everest, Ace Ventura II, Dreamkeeper, Passchendaele, Alaska and many more.

   Our helicopters have been modified to accept all camera mounts and special equipment, and our staff is well experienced with installations.  The camera pilot, Tyhlor Kahret has over 25 years of experience in the film productions and he is very well known and respected in the industry.


  • AceAce
  • AliveAlive
  • Thats it Thats AllThats it Thats All
  • FlightFlight
  • XmenXmen
  • Wings of CourageWings of Courage