Heli Tours

The Full Nelson

15 minute flight around Nelson

2 person Minimum

$199.00/per person + taxes

Flight To Ymir Mountain

20 Minute Flight South of Nelson To Ymir Mountain

2 person minimum

$250/per person + applicable taxes

Kokanee Glacier Tour

30 minute flight above Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park

2 person minimum

$299.00/ per person + applicable taxes

Take Me To The Valhalla

42 Minute flight above Valhalla Provinvial Park

2 person minimum

$399 /per person + applicable taxes

The Grand Gimli And Kokanee

50 minute Flight above Valhalla and Kokanee provincial parks returning through to see the city of Nelson

2 person minimums

$499.00/per person + applicable tax


Heli Picnic

40 minute flight to a beautiful Alpine lake.

Enjoy a 60 minute stop with a complementary gourmet picnic, and beverages, from locally sourced food.

2 person minimums

$499 per person + applicable taxes



Contact Us

1675 HIGHWAY 3A/6 (west)

Nelson BC V1L 4B7